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dubois idea on striving to be co .-worker in the kingdone of culture cen be best be explained as ....

blacks should have equal opportunity at all social levels

which does not offer an accurate account of the kind fo information uncle tom cabin provided teh narrator of the ex colored man

information about his father

the ex colored man decided to leave his millionare friend in europe and return to the states because he ....

sought to transform folk are and uplift blacks

which of the following best describe the ex colored man assessment of johnd brown folk sermon ?

it was a multifaced and inspring art form

when the ex colored man heard the music at the big meeting , he suggested that go down moses has one fo the strongest musical themes because he wanted to make it known that....

the folk form showed the artistic merit adn cultural wholesomeness of blk

shiny graduation speech had what effect on the narrator of the the autobiography ? the narrator ....

was 1st motivated to be a proud color man

which item identites an element of the philosphy dubois proposed for blacks uplift

black youth should be educated according to ability

which item best explains why the excolored man felt embarrased when he was in paris

he was asked if amaericans has burnt a man alive

which item best explains the surprise the excolored man recevied whn in the company of millionaire friend who sponsored his travel through europe he heard a german musican play

the narrator learned thast ragtime can be made classics

sometimes it seems to me that i have never really been a negro tht i have been onlly a privileged spectator of their inner life ; at other times i feel that i have a coward a desserter and i am possessed by a strange longing for my mothers ppl which item best explains what this statement reveals about the narrator?

he is troubled by the anxieties of double consciousness

which item best describes the attitude to other blacks that are held by he dr from washington whom the excolored man greets on the ship back from europe

he feels embrassed by the lower class of blacks

i feel tht i am led by the same impluse whch forces the unfound out criminal to take somebody into his confidence although he knowns that the act is likely, even almost certain to lead to his undoing .... i think i find a sort of savage and dibolical desire to gather up all the little tragedies of my life, and turn them into a practical joke on society.

prejudice against other blacks

at the end of the story, the excolored man identifies something that he says makes "me glad that i am at i am and keeps me from desiring to be otherwise." which iten names what it is that he says is responsible for this feeling

the love he expressed for his children

the narrator calls himself a criminal in the passage above because he

thinks he did wrong in not fighting for racial uplift

the negro is a sort of seventh son, born with a veil, and gifted with an second sight in this american world, a world which yields him no true self - consciousness, but only let him see himself through the relation of the other world." in this quotation, dubois implies what about african american?

their double - gives them an advantage

on the train from nashville to atlanta, the ex - colored man overhears a conversation on the negro relation between a texan and a northerner soldier. during the conversation, the texan declared that he knew many educated and intelligent blacks

nothing will change his supremacist beliefs

which is not one of the items ex-colored man says has shown that blacks are capable of high art

banjo playing

after the excolored man witness the burning of a black man he made a decision to use his music to help uplift the race

abondon his ambition to change low art to high art

which item does not identify one of what duboiss calls the spirtual striving of african american?


board the ship bak to the US from europe the narrator met a dr. he remaked that spoke on diff. phases of the negro question- what dubois calls the negro problem. to what this negro qustion or negro problem yet

cliams tht blacks couldnt progress and were a social burden

this philsophy on race uplift said tht blk should

seek racial cooperation with whites`

the narrator of the autobiography describe two southern rituals he saw in macon , georgia when he from europe . what are they

a big meeting and lynching

the ex-colored man said tht after his money was stolen on his 1st trip to atl he wanted to inform school authories what had happened , but was fearful about doing go which item best describes a thought that he entertained when the money was 1st stolen

they would call him an imposter of a beggar`

which item best identies the excolor man assessment of the adivce the millionaire friend gave him when he said he wanted to return to american and woek on blk folk music

the advice made serve but was selfish

these are lower forms of art,but they give evidence of a power that someday be applied to the higher forms , the statement the narrator makes implying that some forms of art are low and some forms are high reveals that he adopts which philsophical perspecitve

the view of the old gaurd

the narrator of the autobiography says that he dicovered thta after emancipation some blacks gave their money to masters or their relatives who had become poor. what item best describes the attitude?

socialize ambivalence...

the excolored man said he remained hopeful about changing attitude about in america despite the prejudice the texan on the train voiced b/c he knew that the...

texan was voicing only myths of mental attitudes

the excolored man identifies two groups he thinks have the potential to alter the negative sterotype of blk as " happy-go-lucky and laughing. which item best identifies these two groups

blk novelist and poets

the unkelpt appearace , the shambling, slouching gait and loud talk and laughter of theses ppl aroused in me a feeling of almost repulsion . only one thing about them awoke a feeling of interest; that was dialect....."lawd a mussy!"gwan, man!""bless ma soul!"look heah, chile!" these ppl talked and laughed w/o restraint. in fact they talked striaght from their lungs and laughed from the pits of their stomachs . and this hearty laughter was oftern justifed by th droll humor of som remark.... i have since learned that this ability to laugh heartliy is,in part, the salvation of the american negrko; it does much to keep them from going the way of the indian

which item best identifies the attitude the narrator reveals , in these lines , toward these southern blk

he appears ambivalent toward the blk folk culture

in the quotation above ( whatever number he use) the narrator shows he believes that african american humor was

a technique that helped blk deal with oppression

the night the narrator ran from ny club , one of the following events happened. which one

a woman was shot by her lover

by fusing european classical forms with a.a folk music the narrator hoped to

fuse his dual cultural heritage and find wholeness

y did the x-colored man say tht he felt like a coward and failure

to live a comfortable social life , he abandoned the cause of race uplift

at teh point when the excolored man called himself "a perfect little aristocrat"the test reveals all of the following excepted

he is prejudiced against other blk

which of the following items best explaind the element of blk folk culture that the excolored man praised as an inspiring feature of blk society

the dialect he heard on the street in atl

the narrator of the autobiography distinguishes 3 classes fo blk. 1)"the desperate" 2) domestics & servants 3) the well-to-do and educated which item best explains the kind of attitude he says tht white display to the 1st and 3rd groups

hostility and hatred

the attitude tht the narrator desacribes between the first and third blk group in the question results form wat

whites felt threatened by these groups

the narrator says tht the blk struggle was defined in three phases. which one of the following items is not among the three phases he describes ? the negro fight

for the legal right to vote

which one is not a quailty that the excolored man says is in artistic feature to be found in high art

barbarbic rhythms

which item best describes y the xcolored man declares at an opera performance in paris tht he felt the desire to weep and curse

he cannot greet his own relatives

which item best refers to the group tht dubois labeled the talented tenth

educated blk dubois expected to uplift the race

which item states one of the views expressed in the old guard philosopy

folk culture is morally validated when turned into high culture

one major point tht johnson makes is that the x colored man

was often haunted his feelings of loneliness

when the narrator of the autobiography hears singing johnson performance at the meeting , he says tht the song have several artistic qualites which is not one fo teh charatceristics he describes

primitive rythms

the narrator overhears a texan remark tht if the blk man is "weaker" and is shoved to the wall tht his lookout tht the law of nature , he adds "the supermactist" remark also speaks of which of the following ideas

social darwinism

when the narrator was aboy, he and his mother left georgia. y did they leave to go to connecticut

the boy father was trying to hide the love affair

which is not one of the view the excolored man expressed upon witnessing a lynching in georgia

the community was justifed in punishing a criminal

when the narrator says tht his mother told him tht his father was all to them tht law and custom would allow. she means for him to think in which of the following ways

the society was responsible for the family not being together

both dubois and johnson were engaged in race uplift which item best explains their aim

to prove to tht blk were fit to belong to the soical mainstream

after the narrator had abandoned his ambition to be involved in racial progress, he met shiny in ny? what did the narrator dicover about shiny

shiny became a professor

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