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Alphanumeric data-

A combination of numbers and text alphanumeric data


A field that automatically adds a unique number to the primary key field for each record in the table auto number

Blank Database template-

Creates a database with no objects in it blank database template

Data type

The kind of data that you can enter in the field, such as numbers or text, or a combination of numbers and text data type

Default Value property-

- Enters the same field value in a field every time a new record is added to the table

Description property

An optional field property that you can use to describe what to enter in the field

Design grid

The field names and data types appear in the in the top half of the Table window design grid

Design view

In this view, you can add, delete, and make changes to the way that fields store data design view

Field properties pane-

The bottom half of the Table window that displays field properties field properties pane

Field property

Describes a field's contents beyond the field's basic data type, such as indicating the number of characters the field can store field property

Field Size property

Sets the number of characters you can store in a Text, Number, or AutoNumber field size property

Format property-

Use the Format property to specify how you want Access to display numbers, dates, times, and text format property

Primary key

The field that contains a unique field value for each record in the table primary key

Required property

Specifies whether you must enter a field value in a record required property


Creates the database and one or more table, query, form, and report objects that you use to enter and view data template

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