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Unit Test Flash Card Set #2

Gold Rush

Immigrants came to California for the purpose of getting rich , most didn't get rich, but ended up staying in California.

Indian Removal

the forced removal of Native Americans in order to claim their land and to reduce the level of conflicts between them and settlers.

Oregon Trail

connected Missouri and Oregon, 2000 mile journey, pioneers traveled it in hopes of obtaining fertile and cheap land.

Texas Annexation

the US brings Texas into the United States, helping to spread the US across the continent


felt they were being persecuted for their beliefs and chose to move into the area that becomes Utah


Free State that entered the US as a result of the Compromise of 1820

36 30 Line

Boundary used to divided the Louisiana Purchase into free and slave territory

Fugitive Slave Act

allowed slave catchers to take runaway slaves back to the South and punished whites who helped runaways

Washington, D.C.

where the slave trade was banned as a result of the Compromise of 1850


territory where bloody fighting will take place as a result of proslavery settlers arriving from Missouri


territory north of Kansas where little fighting occurred over the slavery issue


state that enters the United States as a free state from the Compromise of 1850


Slave State that entered the US as a result of the Compromise of 1820

Dred Scott Decision

Supreme Court ruling that said the new territories are open to slavery

Santa Anna

leader of the Mexican army during the Mexican war

James K. Polk

President of the United States during the Mexican War, wanted the US to expand

Slave code

laws that restricted slaves' freedom and rights

Andrew Jackson

leader of the Democratic Party, supported by the common man and those on the frontier

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina did not want to pay a tariff

Spoils System

the practice of giving jobs in government to supporters

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