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Statue of Queen

Napir Asu

Napir-Asu medium?

Bronze Mask

Mesapotamian style on Napir-Asu

Tight silhouette, Strict frontality, firmly crossed hands

Citadel of Sargon 2nd

Grand creation; society fearful of attack


winged, human headed bull

Lamassu place?

Citadel of Sargon the 2nd

Lamassu medium

Composite; conceptual view; 5 legs; limestone

Assyrian Archures Pursuing enemies

Low Relief

Assyrian Archures depiction

Ashurbanipal drove his enemy forces into Euphrates river

Ashurbanipal 2

Glazed brick; profile w/ frontal eyes

Ashurbanipal hunting lions

low relief; nobility of animals

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