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Ancient Near East 3

Statue of Queen
Napir Asu
Napir-Asu medium?
Bronze Mask
Mesapotamian style on Napir-Asu
Tight silhouette, Strict frontality, firmly crossed hands
Citadel of Sargon 2nd
Grand creation; society fearful of attack
winged, human headed bull
Lamassu place?
Citadel of Sargon the 2nd
Lamassu medium
Composite; conceptual view; 5 legs; limestone
Assyrian Archures Pursuing enemies
Low Relief
Assyrian Archures depiction
Ashurbanipal drove his enemy forces into Euphrates river
Ashurbanipal 2
Glazed brick; profile w/ frontal eyes
Ashurbanipal hunting lions
low relief; nobility of animals