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the process of mixing decaying leaves, manure and other nutritive matter and fertilize soil

construction technology

the ways that humans build structures on sites


1)Those organisms that obtain energy by feeding on other organisms and their remains.
2)A person buying goods or services for personal needs or to use in the production of other goods for resale


an organism, often microscopic in size, that obtains nutrients by consuming dead organic matter, thereby making nutrients accessible to other organisms;examples include fungi, scavengers, rodents and other animals


to trace the outline; to draw; to sketch; to depict or picture


to remove salts and other chemicals from sea or saline water


divided or dividing into two parts or classifications


a community of living organisms and their interrelated physical and chemical environment

electronic communication

system for the transmission of information using electronic technology (e.g., digital cameras, cellular telephones, Internet, television, fiber optics).


the branch of biology dealing with the development of living things from fertilized egg to its developed state

endangered species

a species that is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range


the application of scientific, physical, mechanical and mathematical principles to design processes, products and structures that improve the quality of life


the total of the surrounding (air, water, soil, vegetation, people, wildlife) influencing each living being's existence, including physical, biological and all other factors; the surroundings of a plant or animals including other plants or animals, climate and location.

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