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  1. some roundworms can be used to
  2. segments that make up the body of a tapeworm
  3. What do tape worms do
  4. pharynx
  5. heartworms are found in
  1. a tube like muscular organ that extends out of mouth of the flatowmr to suck up food
  2. b proglottids
  3. c they have hooks and suckers that attach to the intestinal lining of a host
  4. d control pest like larvae on humans and animals
  5. e dogs and cats

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  1. Cells that line the inside of the sponge and help draw water inside; they have flagella
  2. two nerve cords
  3. germ layer becomes nervous tissue and skin
  4. hookworms
  5. have no tissue and no organs with have no symmetry

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  1. osculumMouth-like opening at the top of a sponge


  2. Class cestodatapeworms


  3. flatwormsbilateral symmetry, parasitic, aceolmate, has hooks and suckers, hermaphrodite, NOT free living, move with host cell


  4. sessilehead of the tape worm


  5. ventralunderside of an animal