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  1. What do tape worms do
  2. fluke cells
  3. trichinosis
  4. ventral
  5. host
  1. a contracted by eating undercooked porks
  2. b bilateral symmetry, parasitic, aceolmate, needs two host cells, NOT free living, move with host cell
  3. c they have hooks and suckers that attach to the intestinal lining of a host
  4. d underside of an animal
  5. e an animal or plant on which the parasite lives off of

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  1. Mouth-like opening at the top of a sponge
  2. planarians (flatworms)
  3. sexually
  4. mesoderm
  5. attached and stay in one place

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  1. segments that make up the body of a tapewormproglottids


  2. proglottidscontains a nucleus, nerves, flame cells, male and female organisms


  3. hook wormsthese organisms cut there way into human skin, usally through the foot


  4. heartworms are caused bydogs and cats


  5. zygotea fertilized egg