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  1. spicules
  2. plant
  3. some roundworms can be used to
  4. blastula
  5. tapeworms
  1. a control pest like larvae on humans and animals
  2. b bilateral symmetry, parasitic, aceolmate, has hooks and suckers, hermaphrodite, NOT free living, move with host cell
  3. c cell walls, multicellular, autotroph, goes through photosynethsis
  4. d fluid filled ball of cells
  5. e small needle like structures made of calcium carbonate, silca or spongin

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  1. disease is caused by flukes in humans; egss clog the blood vessels
  2. by a mosquito that sucks up blood from an infected person then that mosquito bites another person
  3. tube like muscular organ that extends out of mouth of the flatowmr to suck up food
  4. dogs and cats
  5. tail end of a animal

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  1. osculumMouth-like opening at the top of a sponge


  2. fluke cellsbilateral symmetry, parasitic, aceolmate, needs two host cells, NOT free living, move with host cell


  3. nematocystan animal or plant on which the parasite lives off of


  4. Class cestodaflukes


  5. trichinosisthese are foundin the phylum nematoda; theyre cylindrical, unsegmented worms that are tapered at both ends, produce sexually