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  1. sessile
  2. asymmetry
  3. acoelomate
  4. bilateral symmetry
  5. prokaryote
  1. a without a nucleus and other memebrane bound organelles
  2. b can be divided into mirror image halves only along one plane through the central axis
  3. c attached and stay in one place
  4. d organisms that do have a coelom
  5. e irregular shape with no balance in body structure

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  1. bilateral symmetry, aceolmate, FREE living, use the pharynx to get food, hermaphrodite,
  2. sexually
  3. platyhelminthes
  4. dogs and cats
  5. an animal or plant on which the parasite lives off of

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  1. spongeshead of the tape worm


  2. Class cestodatapeworms


  3. medusaunderside of an animal


  4. fragmentationwhen a parent breaks into pieces and each piece can develop into an adult animal


  5. blastulatwo cell layer sac with an opening at one end