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  1. What do tape worms do
  2. schistosomiasis
  3. heartworms are found in
  4. tissues
  5. flame cell
  1. a disease is caused by flukes in humans; egss clog the blood vessels
  2. b part of the excretory system, lined with cilia to sweep water and excretory into the tubules, excrete out of pores
  3. c dogs and cats
  4. d they have hooks and suckers that attach to the intestinal lining of a host
  5. e a group of cells organized to perform certain function

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  1. organisms that do have a coelom
  2. body cavity tissue formed from mesoderm
  3. tube like muscular organ that extends out of mouth of the flatowmr to suck up food
  4. these are foundin the phylum nematoda; theyre cylindrical, unsegmented worms that are tapered at both ends, produce sexually
  5. when offspring develops as a growth on the body of a parent

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  1. pinwormscommon in children, eggs are transferred by touch, causes itching


  2. ectodermhead of the tape worm


  3. cnidocytesa group of cells organized to perform certain function


  4. carbon dioxide and other wastes are removed byfilarial worms


  5. free living flatwormsturbellaria