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  1. what helps free living flatworms glide
  2. How does elephantiasis spread
  3. flame cell
  4. nervous system in a flatworm consist of
  5. ectoderm
  1. a by a mosquito that sucks up blood from an infected person then that mosquito bites another person
  2. b part of the excretory system, lined with cilia to sweep water and excretory into the tubules, excrete out of pores
  3. c germ layer becomes nervous tissue and skin
  4. d two nerve cords
  5. e mucus

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  1. hookworms
  2. Mouth-like opening at the top of a sponge
  3. bilateral symmetry, aceolmate, FREE living, use the pharynx to get food, hermaphrodite,
  4. proglottids
  5. contains a nucleus, nerves, flame cells, male and female organisms

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  1. ventralunderside of an animal


  2. Roundworms are in thedogs and cats


  3. mutualismumbrella shaped body tentacles that hang down. mouth is between tentacles


  4. fragmentationhead end of an animal


  5. some roundworms can be used tocontrol pest like larvae on humans and animals