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Early ape like human that lived in Africa between one and four million years ago.


Anything belonging to the primemate family.

Neolithic Revolution

When domesticated animals and weapons or inventions were made and became a factor for the normal life of the Neolithic People.

Food Surplus

Means having more food than you need.

Specialization of Labor

Production process which uses division of labor to produce large numbers of goods at the lowest possible cost.


Traditional farming, depends heavily on human labor, animal power, and basic farm.

Commercial Farming

Machinery is used to produce food, crops, and animals for sale.

Free Enterpirse

Goverments that value individual freedom often have economic systems under free enterprise private buisnesses operate with little inteference from goverment.

Population Density

The average number of people in a square mile or square kilometer varys widely from country to country.

Population Distribution

The population pattern shows that the contenents are not evenly populated.


Relates to the period of the stone age where the earliest stone was chipped 750,000 years ago.


Gross Domestic Product-The value of goods and services created within a country in a year.


Gross National Product- Value of all gods and services produced anually inside and outside the country.


The average number of briths in a country per year.

Death Rate

The average number of deaths in a country per year.


Unclean or impure elements in the enviorment. Pollution affects the air, the water, the land.

Cultural Hearth

Areas were civilaization began.

Cultural Diffusion

The spread of people, ideas, practices, and goods from one culture to another.




Involves loyalty and devotion to country and includes a people's pride in their heritage.


Meaning rebirth was a time that searched for knowledge and led to changes in art, science, and education.

Industrial Revolution

A time when power driven machinery and mass production led to great changes in country economies by quick and cheap production.


Having too many people in one area.


A form of government in which the people of a country vote for their leaders-shows that the people value individual freedom.


A country or state that is governed by a single person with unlimited power.


A goverment ruled by or subject to religious authority.


Economic system in which industry is privately owned.


Goverment decides how resources will be used and how buisneses will be runned.


The study of peoples relationships to one another in groups.

Per Capita Income

Measures how much money per person a country earns.

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