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1-a- They built the canal because it would link the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and there would be less ships going back and forth. It would also allow the U.S. Navy to link its Atlantic and pacific naval fleets quickly.
1-b- The challenges that the builders of the panama canal faced were the deadly diseases of the mosquitos called yellow fever. The work was dangerous because most of the canal was blasted out of solid rock with explosives. Workers used dozens of steam shovels to cut a narrow eight-mile-long channel through the mountains of central panama. It was also terrible because 6000 lives were lost during the construction.
1-c- I support that the U.S. supported the revolution in panama because they helped them in being an independent country because back in time panama was a part of Colombia and they wanted to get separated from Colombia so the U.S. warship blocked the part of Colombia and panama. This helped in panama being independent and not being led by Colombia.
2-a- The problem that was causing problem between European and Latin America was that the Latin Americans did not want the Europeans to loan money to other nations Latin Americans said that they would pay their own depths without the Europeans helping.
2-b- Theodore Roosevelt changed U.S. policy toward Latin America by making the Roosevelt corollary which is to the Monroe Doctrine. This addition warned that in case of "wrongdoing" by Latin American countries, the U.S. might exercise "international police power" this would mean more police helping out the communities.
3-a- What Woodrow Wilson believed was an obligation was that they should promote democracy in Latin America.
3-b- They both relate because they both wanted to influence government through economic not military intervention. They differ because Taft wanted to make the trade company's grow and Wilson wanted to influence democracy on Latin America.