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Science - Unit A-Chapter 3 - Lesson 2 How Do Leaves, Stems, and Roots Help Plants Live?

needle and broad leaves

the two main types of plant leaves

flexible stems

this describes the stems of garden flowers


the giving off of water by plant parts


when each half of a leaf is a mirror image of the other

root hairs

the part of the roots that take in nutrients for plants


Some plants eat these to provide needed nutrients that are missing in the soil

needle-shaped leaves

help prevent water loss

woody stems

trees and shrubs have this type of stem


the part of a plant with tubes


one main root that goes deep into the soil


support the plant and help give it shape


carry out photosynthesis

waxy coating

most leaves have this type of coating

fibrous roots

many shallow roots of the same size (grass is an example of a plant with these types of roots)

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