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love without regard to personal gain, combines eros and storge


the intention to remain with a relationship

committed romantic relationships

relationships between unique individuals who assume they will be primary and continuing parts of each other's lives

environmental spoiling

situations in which proximity breeds ill will


powerful, passionate style of love that blazes to life suddenly and dramatically


feelings of closeness, connection, and tenderness


playful love in which the lovers see it as a game


manic or mad love; combines ludus and eros


intensely positive feelings and fervent desire for another person


the process of creating a comfortable personal environment that reflects the values, experiences, and tastes of the couple


pragmatic or practical love; combines storge and ludus

relational culture

the nucleus of intimacy; the private world of rules, understanding, meanings, and patterns of acting and interpreting that partners create for their relationship


comfortable, even-keeled kind of love based on friendship and compatibility

dimensions of romantic relationships

passion, commitment, intimacy

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