World Geo Chapters 8-10

45 terms by myonker

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Parallel chains or ranges of mountains


spanish for high plan, a region in Peru and Bolivia encircle by the Andes peak


steep cliff or slope between a higher and lower land surface


fertile plains in inland areas of Colombia and Venezuela


grassy treeless plains of southern South America


cowhands of Argentina and Uruguay

Hydroelectric power

electrical energy generated by falling water


an area where the tide meets a river current


top layer of a rain forest, where the tops of tall trees forma continuous layer of leaves

Tierra caliento

Spanish for 'hot land'; the lowest altitude zone of Latin American highlands climates

Tierra templada

Spanish for 'temperate land' ; the middle altitude zone of Latin American highlands climates

Tierra fria

Spanish for 'cold land' ; the highest altitude zone of the Latin American highland climates


native to a place


local form of a language used in a particular place or by a certain group


dialects that blend elements of indigenous, European, African, and Asian languages


the movement of people from rural areas into cities


cities with more than 10 million people

Primate City

a city that dominates a country's economy, culture and government and in which population in concentrated; usually the capital city


picture writing carved in stone


floating farming islands made by the Aztec


knotted cords of various lengths and colors used by the inca to keep financial records


Spanish term for 'conqueror' referring to soldiers who conquered Native Americans in Latin America


representative of the Spanish monarch appointed to enforce laws in colonial Latin America


a Latin American political leader from the late 1800's on, often a military dictator


a blending of beliefs and practices from different religions into one faith


wall painting


picture or design made with small pieces of colored stone, glass, shell or tile

Extended family

household made up of several generations of family members


faulty or inadequate nutrition


Spanish term for soccer

Jai alai

traditional handball-type game popular with Mexicans and Cubans


commodities sent from one country to another for purposes of trade


farm workers; generally people who live and work in rural areas


in Latin America, large agricultural estates owned by families or corporations


in Latin America, small farms that produce food chiefly for family use

Cash crop

farm crop grown to be sold or traded rather than used by the farm family

Developing country

country in the process of becoming industrialized

Service industry

business that provides a service instead of making goods


in Mexico, manufacturing plants set up by foreign firms

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

trade agreement made in 1994 by Canada, US and Mexico

Sustainable development

technological and economic growth that does not deplete the human and natural resources of a give area


the loss or destruction of forests, mainly for logging or farming


traditional farming method in which all trees and plants in an area are cut and burned to add nutrients


replanting young trees or seeds on lands where trees have been cut or destroyed


makeshift communities on the edges of cities

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