Micro - Chp 26 - 01

26 terms by swamzi

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microbial attack (skin)

breach, systemic infection, toxin-mediated


flat,red; local inflamm immune response, infiltrating leukocytes


raised,red; more inflamm (neighbors):


small blister; microbes invade epithelium


epithelium ruptures


microbe grows in epithelium (wart)

abscess formation (skin)

boils/carbuncles -> folliculitis (infection, hair follicle)

spreading infections (skin)

impetigo, erysipelas


bullous, crusted, pustular eruption of skin


dermal lympathics blockage (face, legs, feet)

necrotizing infection (skin)

fasciitis, gangrene, myonecrosis


inflamm response to infection of soft tissue below dermis

staphylococcus aureus

most common skin infection, intense inflamm


strips of cocci


clusters of cocci

staphylococcus aureus (2-4 days)

boils form

staph aureus (treatment, general)

drainage, antibiotics


methicillin-susceptible staph aureus


methicillin-resistant staph aureus

MSSA (treatment)

penicillin (nafcillin)

MRSA (treatment)

vancomycin, linezolid, quinopristin-dalfoprisin, daptomycin

staph aureus (treatment, reccurent)

mupirocin (nasal cream)

staph aureus (disease)

scalded skin syndrome, toxic shock syndrome

scalded skin syndrome

staph aureus, blisters, overlying skin lost, underlying skin normal

toxic shock syndrome (TSS)

staph aureus, fever/hypotension/macular erthematous rash -> desquam soles/palms

toxic shock syndrome (toxin)


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