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Horticulture refers to the type of farming that:

relies predomiantly on hand tols for household consumption

Peasent populations:

are tied to larger political units

What is a locavore?

a person who eats primarily locally-gornw foods

Specilaization in agriculture may result in all of the follow except:

less specialization of labor

The Neolithic Revolution stimulated all of the follow except:

a reduced amount of productive labor

The technology of traditional hunter-gatherers is distinctive in that it:

is predominatly based on manuel tools fashioned from their natural ennviornment

Which two terms are synonymous with shifting cultivation?

slash and burn farminga nd swidden cultibation

Peasents in an agrigcultural scoeity do not:

have a great deal of political power

In today's world, hunters and gatherers are found:

on land, very poorly suited for agriculture.

Which form of huntng do many world global economies depend on?


Food production became important for humans approximately:

10,000 years ago

Which statement is true about traditional hunters and gatherers?

They depend closely on the natural enviornment for thei substence strategy

People who practice horticulture:

grow tree crops, seed crops, or root crops

Which of the following is most linked to processing systems as well as food procurement?

industrail agriculture

Transhumance pastrolaism is a migratory pattern that:

involves seasonal movement of herds between upland and lowland pastures

All of the followign are the results of the advent of maize farming except:

an increase in nutrition

The Inuit of the Artic Region:

rely on modern technology to adi their food collecting strategies

Peasent populations:

are tied to larger political units

Inuits and other people living in extremely cold climates tend to have:

short, stock bodies

Transhumance pastroralism is a migratory pattern that

involves seasonal movement of herds between upland an dlowland pastures

Domestication of plants may be a result of all of the following except:

people's inability to adapt to change sn the enviornment

Kevin Krajick's research in Peru on Incan agricultural strategies has revealed that

they practiced conservation maethods whiile meximinzing production on their lands

Which of the following is associated with the lowest population size?


The neolithic revolution stimulated all of the following except:

a reduced amoutn of productive labor

The slash and burn method requires:

an exstensive land use system with a lengthy fallow period

What two terms are synonymous with shifting cultivation

slash and burn farming and swidden cultivation

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