Madison/Monroe/Quincy Adams/Jackson Unit

James Monroe was the ______ president of the US? He served for _____ terms from _____ to _____?
5th President
2 Terms
James Monroe was a member of what political party?
Who was the secretary of state under Madison?
James Monroe
Who was the secretary of war from 1814 to 1815 under Madison?
James Monroe
James Monroe was the 4th president from what?
The "Virginia Dynasty"
What was the nickname of James Monroe's presidency?
Era of Good Feelings
What good things happen during James Monroe's presidency that helped it receive its nickname?
Nationalism explodes
Rush-Bagot Treaty with GB
Political rivalry (federalist party) faded away
Who was James Monroe's secretary of state?
John Quincy Adams
Who was James Monroe's secretary of war?
John C. Calhoun
During Monroe's presidency, the ______ _______ explodes?
Industrial revolution
The border with Canada was set as what latitude line?
49th Parallel
Spain gave Florida to the US in what treaty?
Adams-Onis Treaty
How much did the US pay for Florida?
Nothing, the US canceled $5 million of Spain's debt
What year was the Missouri Compromise?
What did the Missouri Compromise settle?
The issue of slavery between the North and South
Who came up with the Missouri Compromise?
Henry Clay
What state was a free state and what state was a slave state under the Missouri Compromise?
Maine= free
Missouri= slave
What latitude line was the Missouri Compromise?
36 degrees 30 minutes North
What was the problem with the Missouri Compromise?
Made sectionalism stronger
The Monroe Doctrine was actually written by who?
John Quincy Adams
What did the Monroe Doctrine do?
Stopped European colonization in north and south America (considered a danger to our safety) and interference in Europe
John Quincy Adams was the _____ of the US? He served for ______ term(s) from ______ to ______?
6th president
1 term
John Quincy Adams belonged to what political party?
Democratic Republican
Who helped Quincy Adams unfairly win the election of 1824?
Henry Clay convinced the house to elect him
The election of 1824 became known as what?
The "corrupt bargain"
Who did Quincy Adams make secretary of state after the election of 1824?
Henry Clay
What did Quincy Adams do after his presidency to try and redeem himself?
Defended the slaves of the Amistad
Andrew Jackson was the ______of the US? He served ____ term(s) from _____ to _____?
7th president
2 terms
Andrew Jackson belonged to what political party?
Who were Andrew Jackson's vice presidents?
John C. Calhoun
Martin Van Buren
Where was Andrew Jackson born?
A log cabin in South Carolina
What were some of Andrew Jackson's past experiences?
No formal education
Hero of New Orleans
What were Andrew Jackson's nicknames?
"Old Hickory" and "King Andrew"
Andrew Jackson appealed to what group of people?
The "common people" (poor and middle class)
What was the spoils system?
System where Jackson's supporters were given government jobs
What was the "Kitchen Cabinet"?
Jackson's informal advisors
What year does Texas become an independent nation?
What is a protective tariff?
A tax on goods coming into America
What are 3 major reasons why South Carolina and the South hate protective tariffs?
Imported goods cost too much
They have to buy from the North
They think through the tariff, the govt. is helping the northerners get rich
Who is Jackson's vice-president and what is his position on protective tariffs?
John C. Calhoun
He thinks they are unfair
What is Andrew Jackson's position on protective tariffs?
Jackson thinks they are necessary, even if he has to go to war
What does the word nullification mean?
Choosing not to obey a law
What does the word secede mean?
To leave
What person averts a Civil war with a compromise?
Henry Clay