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Geo ES Trigonometric Methods

Law of Sines
sinA/a = sinB/b = sinC/c
Law of Sines (info needed)
-2 side lengths and 1 angle measure
-2 angle measures and 1 side length
Area of Any Triangle
Law of Cosines
Law of Cosines (info needed)
2 side lengths, included angle and measure of angle that corresponds with the length you're trying to find
Ambiguous Case: Acute Angles
No Triangles: a < height
1 Triangle: a ≥ b, a = height
2 Triangles: height < a < b
Ambiguous Case: Obtuse Angles
None: a ≤ height
1 Triangle: a > b
**2 triangles cannot be formed because of the angle placement, it can't be moved