17 terms

APUSH Ch. 34 Part 1

London Economic Conference
included 66 nations; met in the summer of 1933; main goal was to stabilize exchange rates and fix the global depression; Roosevelt sends S.O.S. Cordell Hull;
Tydings McDuffie Act
provided for the independence of the Philippines after a 12 year period of tutelage
Seventh Pan-American Conference
the U.S. will formally endorse nonintervention here
Good Neighbor Policy
focused on consultation and nonintervention with latin american nations
Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act
designed by Cordell Hull; was to enliven American export trade by lowering tariffs; ammended parts of the Hawley-Smoot tariff
Josef Stalin
dictator of the USSR (Russia); communist
Benito Mussolini
fascist; gained control of Italy
Adolf Hitler
gained control of Germany's Nazi party; withdrew Germany from the League of Nations and re-armed
Rome-Berlin Axis
The allied forces of totalitarian Italy and Germany
TriPartite Pact
Germany, Italy, and Japan joining forces; mostly due to the perceived unfairness of the Treaty of Versailles
Johnson Debt Default Act
prevented debtor nations from borrowing more money from the U.S.
The Neutrality Acts of 1935, 1936, and 1937
when the president proclaimed the existence of a foreign war, certain restrictions would take effect
Spanish Civil War
Spanish rebels led by fascist Francisco Franco rebelled against the left-leaning republican government in Madrid
Abraham Lincoln Brigade
volunteers from the U.S. who fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War
The Start of World War II
The Japanese bomb and invade the Marco Polo Bridge near Peking, China
Quarantine Speech
wanted to "quarantine" agressors as to place economic embargos
an American gunboat that was bombed and sunk by the Japanese in 1937