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Blest Are We : Chapter 10

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Who called the Fourth Lateran Council?
Pope Innocent III
How many canons were created at the Fourth Lateran Council?
When was the Fourth Lateran Council?
Name a canon that was released at the Fourth Lateran Council.
Priest cannot tell people what they heard at confession.
What was the first Gothic Church?
St. Denis
What is the shape of a Gothic Church?
For whom was the chantry reserved for?
The upper classes
Who was the person that ordered St. Denis built?
Abbot Suger
What is the body of the church?
The Nave
What are the transepts?
The side parts of the church
What is the apse?
The part of the church where the altar is located
The priest would turn around five times, what would it symbolize?
The five times Jesus returned to us after his death.
Who was the first famous female anchoress and mystic?
Blessed Julian of Norwich
Who is a person that seeks to know God directly?
A mystic
What is a container the Eucharist was held in for exposition?
A monstrance
Where did an anchoress live?
A room built into the side of a church.
What did the Law of Moses prepare us for?
The Gospel of Christ
Who were the transepts reserved for?
The clergy
Where do we get the requirement to observe the Sabbath day each week?
The Ten Commandments
What is transubstantiation?
The sacred mystery in which the bread and wine are turned into the body and blood of Jesus.
What did the Mass become in the Middle Ages?
A Holy Drama.