VCR Book C Lesson 12

15 terms by loganpincus

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the scientific study of the skin and its diseases


the outer protective layer of the skin or outer layer of various organisms (in plants, the outer layer of cells)


pertaining to the back, especially of animals


a set of documents containing information about a person or event; a file


1. to write one's signature on the back of a check or other document
2. to sign a contract
3. to acknowledge receipt of payment
4. to support actively; to sanction


pertaining to the stomach


a person who is knowledgable about good food and drink; a gourmet


to deprive of strength; to weaken


1. cheerful; hopeful
2. reddish or ruddy


1. blood relationship
2. any close relationship


1. unceasingly attentive; devoted
2. persistent; diligent


differing; disagreeing; dissenting
a person who disagrees


a meeting at with a spiritualist attempts to communicate with the dead


1. characterized by much sitting
2. remaining in one area; not migratory


to take the place of; to replace

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