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1.) MISBEHAVE--If you want competitive distinction, you must misbehave. Avoid "that's always the way we've done it" or "that's the way our customers want it." Following old habits results in a homogenized sales environment that makes creating competitive distinction close to impossible. Dare to be different. If you misbehave, you open up opportunities to innovate and you re-direct the customers expectations with the1.) outcome of leading the way, not following the competition.

2.) BE A CHOOSER-Top salespeople choose which accounts they want in the marketplace. Once they choose, they lock in on those targets, focusing their time and resources on them until they achieve their goal of landing them as accounts. It may take longer than expected, but it's up to you to identify those accounts that subscribe to value based decision making and are willing to collaborate with you to design the best overall solution for their specific objectives. (80/20)
3.) MASTER TOOLS-Use tools that help you stay focused like interview questions and proposal templates. Other tools are prospect databases, time management systems and customer loyalty surveys. Eagles realize that you must master as many tools as possible, so that when you land in a sand know how to get out!
4.) BUILD SKILLS-If you want to master a skill, you must practice it over and over. Eagles are willing to fumble with a new skill in the beginning, but they don't sop until they are completely confident and competent with it. Don't decide if it works or doesn't work, until you've tried it in the field at least 10 times (Tracy). Try it, analyze it, tweak it and try it again.
5.) TAKE RISKS-Eagles have huge egos. They are uncomfortable in a comfort zone. They have a healthy self-esteem that allows them to take risks. The greatest risk is not taking one. It's like riding a bike when you were a kid...fall down....get right back on and ride it. You didn't worry about a comfort zone back then, why worry now. You were focused on the result at that time, which was the freedom and adventure the bike could provide you. What can the risks provide you now? Don't be a me too !

6.) GET TRACTION-It's a fact that your retention level nose-dives as soon as you leave the classroom. Professional instructors are trained to break down the steps for you in the process and instruct students to go out and practice each step immediately. So, pick three to five action items and commit to embracing, customizing, practicing and using them in conjunction with your existing sales process. Do something different tomorrow to create competitive distinction.