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chapter 17.1 ASEDS science


the passing of air into and out of the lungs to supply the body with oxygen


the process where cells receive oxygen and glucose and respiration causes a process which releases energy and releases CO2 as a waste.


small hair like structures that sweep bacteria and mucus away from the lungs located in your nose and throat


a muscular tubular passage of the respiration and digestive system that extends from the nose and mouth to your sophagus


windpipe:the main trunk of the system of tubes by which air passes to and from the lungs


the two divisions of the trachea leading into the right or left lung.


small air passage ways in your lungs that carry gases and air to and from the alveoli or bronchi.


sacs of lung tissue that hold air and expand when holding air and where gas exchange takes place


process where gases move from a point of high pressure to low.


an organ that expands or shrinks depending on the diaphram and is filled with air or can release air.


a dome-shaped muscle located under your lungs that contracts and relaxes causing breathing


a part of the body that functions as an airway to the lungs and contains the vocal cords which cause the ability to speak

vocal cords

two membrane folds in your larynx that vibrate causing sound when air runs over them.


a flap in your throat that closes when you eat preventing food entering your trachea.


where your diaphragm contracts and goes down causing the lung volume to increase and air pressure decreases causing air to go in the lungs to equalize it.


where your diaphragm relaxes and goes back up after inhaling causing the lung volume to decrease and air pressure increases causing air and HO2 to be squeezed out of the lungs

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