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The Knight

Aristocrat- A man who represents chivalry and honor

The Squire

Aristocrat- The knight's son, known as a lady's man

The Prioress

Aristocrat- A high-ranking nun and an elegant, delicate lady

The Nun's Priest

Aristocrat- A priest who accompanies the nuns on their pilgrimage

The Second Nun

Aristocrat- A devout nun who believes that idleness leads to sin

Canon's Yeoman

Aristocrat- The Canon's servant, who joins the pilgrims on their to Canterbury (not mentioned in the Prologue)

The Monk

Aristocrat- A lover of hunting

The Friar

Aristocrat- A talented and wealthy beggar; member of a religious order

The Merchant

Upper Class- A shrewd trader

The Man of Law

Upper Class- A lawyer

The Clerk

Upper Class- A lover of learning who spends all of his money on books

The Franklin

Upper Class- A wealthy landowner

The Cook

Middle Class- A man skilled as a chef

The Shipman

Middle Class- A world-traveler

The Physician

Middle Class- A medical doctor

The Wife of Bath

Middle Class- A woman who has had five husbands

The Parson

Virtuous Lower Class- A poor but virtuous preacher who is the model clergyman, humble and devoted to his flock

The Manciple

Degraded Lower Class- A steward for the law school

The Miller

Degraded Lower Class- A strong, vulgar dealer in grain

The Reeve

Degraded Lower Class- An old and irritable estate manager

The Summoner

Degraded Lower Class- An officer of the church who calls people to trial

The Pardoner

Degraded Lower Class- A seller of religious artifacts who boasts of his cons

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