biology ch 19

26 terms by ktansil

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the protein coat by bacteria to attach to surfaces


hair like structures used by bacteria to attach to surfaces


whip like tail used to move some bacteria

nucleoid region

area in prokaryotes where DNA is found

lysogenic cycle

viral cycle in which the virus does not kill the cell immediatly

lytic cycle

viral cycle in which the virus kills the cell.


disease causing bacteria or virus


viruses which attack or inffect bacteria


spherical shaped bacteria


rod shaped bacteria


the spirial shaped bacterial


the exchange of DNA between two bacteria

obligate aerobes

organisms which require oxygen to live.

obligate anaerobes

organism which do not require oxygen to live.

facultative anaerobes

organism taht can live in the prescence of oxygen but don not require oxygen


organisms which produce there own food by using any organic chemicals

photo autotrophs

organisms which produce there own food in the prescence of light


compound found in the cell wall of bacteria

binary fission

the process which split bacteria into two new cells


a tough covering over the cell wall of a bacterium whcih proctexts the bacteria during harsh conditions


a piece of viral DNA which becomes part of the host cells DNA


a virus which contains RNA instead of DNA


Preventive meausres against viruses


man made antibodies to aid bacteria infection


a naked piece of DNA which infects plants


a short protein which causes diseases in animals

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