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functional prerequisite

_____________________ - 1. replacing personnel ; 2. teaching new recruits ; 3. producing and distributing goods & services ; 4. preserving order ; 5. providing and maintaing a sense of purpose


Anthropologist George Murdock sampled 565 societies and found that over ____________ percent of them had some type of polygamy


Which term refers to the marriage of a man to more than one woman at the same time?


Under which marital form can a woman have several husbands at the same time?

bilateral descent

What pattern of descent is most typical in the United States?


________________ descent refers to a favoring of the father's relatives in terms of property, inheritance, and emotional ties


A kinship system that favors the relatives of the mother is called __________________


In what type of society do women hold greater authority than men?


An authority pattern in which the adult members of the family are regarded as equals is _________________

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