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What is transfusion reaction?

antibodies recognize a substance as being foreign and then agglunation occurs

What is diapedesis?

When WBC move in and out of blood vessels

What hormone decreases blood loss by constricting blood vessels?


What is the universal blood recipient?


When blood is acidic, what 2 organs restore PH?

Liver and Kidneys

What is an abnormal decrease in WBC called?


What does systole mean?

Contraction of ventricles (the top # of blood pressure)

Which vessel does blood enter during the ventricular systole?

Aorta and pulumary arteries

What is erythropoesis? And when would you need it?

Red blood cell formation
When going to a high altitude

What is the universal blood donor?


What is the order of .... in largest to smallest
capillary beds, venules, veins, arrteries, artieroles

Arteries, artieroles, capillary beds, venules, veins

What 2 things is cardic output dependent upon?

Stroke volume, heart beat

How long does it take for normal blood clots to form?

3-6 minutes

What hormone makes heart beat go up?


Blood is a type of what kind of tissue?


What clings to the blood vessel wall during a clot and release serotonin?


Prothrombin is converted to


Thrombin acts as an enzyme to attach to what molecules?


Fibrinogen molecules form long strands of


Fibrin traps what flowing by in the blood?


Blood clots within how many minutes?


The most important natural body anticoagulant is


Atrioventicular valves and semilunar valves do what?

Prevent backflow and keep blood moving in one direction

What are the names for contraction and relaxation while taking your blood pressure?

Contraction: systole
Relaxation: diastole

What is the average blood pressure?


Which node times contraction of cardiac cells?

Sinvatrial nodes (SA)

What is the name for white blood cells?


2 types of clots

Thrombus, embolus

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