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  1. Champing
  2. Ego
  3. Derision
  4. Mollified
  5. Jarred
  1. a shaken or jolted
  2. b soothed; calmed
  3. c your consciousness of your own identity
  4. d the act of deriding or treating with contempt
  5. e chewing noisily, chewing noisily

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  1. mocking; taunting
  2. experiencing intense pain especially mental pain
  3. reserved, distant
  4. in a self-satisfied manner
  5. A cry usually associated with a goat,sheep,or calf.

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  1. Hoveredhaving spots or patches of color


  2. Sullenlygloomily, somber


  3. Rustledhaving spots or patches of color


  4. Bridledhaving dark hairs mixed with gray or white


  5. Mauledshaken or jolted