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  1. Consoled
  2. Anguished
  3. Jarred
  4. Bleated
  5. Skittered
  1. a experiencing intense pain especially mental pain
  2. b moved lightly and quickly
  3. c A cry usually associated with a goat,sheep,or calf.
  4. d shaken or jolted
  5. e comforted

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  1. in a self-satisfied manner
  2. a strong current of air
  3. where two things come together
  4. having spots or patches of color
  5. The hip, buttock, and upper thigh in animals and humans

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  1. Sluggishlyin a slow moving way


  2. Jeeringcringing in fear


  3. Egoyour consciousness of your own identity


  4. Writhedturned, twisted, wrenched as if in pain or suffering


  5. Appraisedexperiencing intense pain especially mental pain