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Quiz answers for Chapter 6-10.

Phenomena where black officers must deal with the expectation that they will give members of their own race a break, while experiencing racism from colleagues?

Double marginality

Today approximately ____ percent of all officers are racial minorities?


What city was the first to hire and award the title of police officer to a woman in 1910?

Los Angeles

Minority female officers account for approximately ___ percent of the police force?


Which of the following is false regarding education and the police?

Educated officers have greater disciplinary problems due to job boredom.

The blue curtain is a term used to describe:

The secrecy and insulation from others in society that is a consequence of the police subculture.

Which of the following is not one of the six core beliefs at the heart of the police culture?

All of the above are core beliefs in the police culture

Which of the following traits is said to be found on all levels of policing?


An officer approaches a group of teenagers drinking beer, she checks everyone's Ids and arrests all who are underage. This example best typifies which officer style?

Law enforcer (1)

An officer approaches a group of teenagers standing in a parking lot, drinking beer. She checks for gang symbols and calls into the station to ascertain if any of them have active warrants. This officer typifies which officer style?

Law enforcer (2)

Which officer's style involves acting as problem solvers and is therefore well suited for community policing?

Law enforcer (3)

Which style of policing prefers to ignore or treat informally issues of concern, unless the social or political order if being jeopardized?

Social Agent

Which policing style utilizes the least amount of discretion?


Which of the following factors bests fits under the heading of extra legal discretionary factors?

Offender demeanor

Which of the following is a source of stress in policing?

Poor training

The higher the percentage of black officers on the police force the higher the arrest rates for crimes such as assault

True, higher percentage

Factors such as the living and working environment of the officer often affect their discretion

True, affect discretion

A search is considered unreasonable when it exceeds the scope of police authority or is highly invasive of personal privacy.

True, exceeds police authority

In 1914, in Weeks v. United States, the court established the exclusionary rule.

True, Weeks v. United States

The supreme court has created a good faith exception to the exclusionary rule with indicates evidence is admissible in court if the police officers acted in good faith by first obtaining court approval for their search, even if the warrant they received was deficient or faulty.

True, good faith exception

Courts of general jurisdiction are also known as what?

Felony Courts

Which of the following is FALSE regarding appellate courts?

Appellate courses try cases

Courts of limited jurisdiction are most likely to handle which of the following crimes?

Traffic Violations

Which is the court of last resort generally called?

Intermediate court of appeals

When a right is granted in a case by the Supreme Court it is usually referred to as a

Mandate of precedence

Which of the following is not one of the judicial functions of a judge?

Administrative control over probation

Which of the following is NOT one of the duties of a prosecutor?

Represent the government in appeals

In the federal system, prosecutors are appointed by whom?

The President

Evidence shows, Prosecutorial discretion is used to:

Screen out the weakest cases

Which of the following is the most common reason for prosecutors to reject cases?

Evidence problems

Prosecutorial discretion is used to:

Reduce the number of cases to trial

Which of the following reasons may cause a case to be dismieed?

Inefficient evidence
Interests of justice
Due process problems

What is the duty of a defense lawyer to his client and the legal system?

To fully represent and competently defend his client

In what 1963 landmark cases did the Supreme Court rule that state courts must provide counsel to indigent defendants in felony prosecutions?

Gideon v. Wainwright

Which of the following statements is false regarding public versus private attorneys?rk

Conviction rates for indigent defendants with public defenders were significantly higher than for defendants with their own attorney.

The drug court movement began in New York

False, not NY

Appellate Courts try cases

False, do not try

Courts of general jurisdiction are sometimes called municipal courts

False, felony courts

The Supreme court is the only court established by the constitutional mandate

True, constitution

In Gideon v Wainwright, the court took the first major step ion the issue of right to ounsel.

True, G v. W

The Sixth amendment assures the right to counsel

True, sixth

Interviewing witnesses in a criminal case is one of the duties of the prosecutor

True, prosecutor

Conviction rates for indigent defendants and those with their own lawyers are about the same in federal and state courts

True, same rates

Plea bargaining is rare

False, very popular

The concept of attorney competence was defined by the Supreme court in the case of Strickland v. Washington

True, attorney competence

Which of the following is a pretrial procedure?

Plea Negotiation

Some scholars contend that bail is problematic because it:

Is discriminatory to the poor.

What is another term for an indictment issues by a grand jury

True Bil

Which of the following is a common reason for a defendant to waive the preliminary hearing?


It is unlikely that plea bargaining will be eliminated in the future because it:

eases the pressure of congested caseloads

What state completely eliminated plea bargaining in 1975?


If an individual is permitted a trial, who chooses whether it will be before a judge or a jurt?

The defendant

The_____amendment guarantees the defendant the right to a jury trial.


Which of the following is a reason for which a jury can nullify the facts and evidence of a case?


Bail can be used to punish an accused and can be denied for revoked at the indulgence of the court

False, bail

More than half of all violent criminals are released before trial.

True, half

A nolo contendere plea is essentially the same as a guilty plea

True, guilty

Diversion programs allow a defendant to enter treatment instead of trial

True, treatment

The state can never order a defendant to take medication when she or he is ruled incompetent to stand trial

False, drug away!

There is no set time that defines a speedy trial

True, no set time

At the ______ defendants are informed of the formal charges and asked to enter a plea


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