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  1. Warranties (UCC)
  2. Delegations
  3. UCC
  4. Intoxication
  5. Valid Contract
  1. a Offer, acceptance, and consideration
  2. b 1. Expressed
    2. Implied
  3. c If ___ at the time of negotiations, the contract is considered invalid
  4. d Only delegable duties are valid, which cannot be personal in nature or too unique in nature
  5. e Uniform Commercial Code

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  1. Free along side/Free along vessel
  2. 1. Fitness for a Particular Purpose (FFPP)
    2. Merchantability
  3. Once the specified time has passed, the offer is no longer avaliable
  4. Where a court will create a contract to prevent an unjust enrichment
  5. Hold people accountable for contracts based on the belief that marriage was going to take place

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  1. Lucy v. ZehmerI: Did Zehmer make a serious offer to Lucy with valid intent?
    R: We must look to the outward expression of a person as manifesting his intention rather than to his secret and unexpressed intention
    A: The signed writing constituted a binding contract of sale
    C: The writing was an enforceable contract, based on the history between the two parties. The conversations had started well before the consumption of alcohol


  2. ContractIn order to create a valid ___, one must have mutual assent and consideration


  3. Risk of LossWhere a defendant is under the mistake and belief by someone under a position that would be expected to know the law, such as a lawyer, police officer, or judge


  4. Common CarriersAnything that can transport something from point A to point B


  5. Varying of the termsWhen the offeror or offeree dies, the offer dies, unless otherwise stated in the contract