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  1. CIF
  2. Rejection
  3. Certain and definite terms
  4. Concurrent
  5. Receipt of the Goods or Funds
  1. a Same time
  2. b QTIPS
  3. c GOODS OF OVER $500
    Full or partial receipt/delivery of either money or the goods themselves
  4. d Cost of insurance and freight
  5. e The offeree can reject the offer

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  1. One relinquishes a known right
  2. Where the promisor makes a promise to the promisee, and the promise has been detrimentally relied upon, it would create an undue burden not to fulfill such a promise
  3. There are 2 original contracting parties, and one party's performance has been substituted for someone of equal or better value - the original party is still held responsible
  4. The offeror can take back the offer, prior to acceptance or expiration
  5. Verbally or in writing

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  1. Substantial PerformanceShould be excused; compare the quality of the original performance and the actual performance for quality and intentional harm or negligence


  2. Valid ContractOffer, acceptance, and consideration


  3. Mirror Image RuleHold people accountable for contracts based on the belief that marriage was going to take place


  4. PresumptionThe offeree can reject the offer


  5. PrecedentBefore