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  1. Mutual Assent
  2. Jacob & Youngs v. Kent
  3. Completed Performance
  4. Merchant Status
  5. Cost of Insurance and Freight
  1. a A person or entity that deals in goods of a kind, and has specialized skill and knowledge in those goods (not services)
  2. b I: Did the plaintiff substantially perform to fulfill the contract?
    R: Substantial Performance: Compare the quality of the original performance and the actual performance for quality and intentional harm or negligence
    A:The wrong piping was of better quality and caliber, compared to the correct brand
    C: Jacobs and Young performed a minor breach, with no malicious intent or substantial damage. The homeowner had to make good on the outstanding balance
  3. c Offer and acceptance
  4. d Full performance; discharged of obligations
  5. e Whoever takes out cost for insurance coverage and freight expense pays for the damage done to the item

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  1. The sale of goods
    1. Goods
    2. Good faith
    3. Merchant
    4. Offer
    5. Acceptance
    6. Consideration
    7. Defenses
    8. Warranties
  2. Could give rise to a counter-offer - a whole new offer
  3. Where one would do an action that they would not otherwise do, because of the situation at hand
  4. 1. Buzz words: Hope, wish, desired
    2. Not a concrete rejection
  5. Before

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  1. Detrimental RelianceThe promisee performed specific acts, based on the existing promise


  2. FAS/FAVCost of insurance and freight


  3. Dispatch1. Of law
    2. Of fact


  4. Non-merchant StatusDoes not fit the merchant status


  5. UCCUniform Commercial Code


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