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  1. Void Contract
  2. Warranties (UCC)
  3. Pre-existing Duty Rule
  4. Fitness for a Particular Purpose (FFPP)
  5. Article II (UCC)
  1. a The sale of goods
    1. Goods
    2. Good faith
    3. Merchant
    4. Offer
    5. Acceptance
    6. Consideration
    7. Defenses
    8. Warranties
  2. b 1. Expressed
    2. Implied
  3. c Where there is pre-existing duty, there is no consideration - Gives rise to a situation where one is already under a prior obligation to act, before the contract was made
  4. d A contract that by its very terms is illegal, depending on the laws of the moment
  5. e Where one relies on the specialized skill and knowledge of the merchant, and that good fails to act or operate as desired

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  1. 1. A minor cannot validly contract, unless an emancipated minor
    2. The contract can be considered valid or not valid at the option of the minor
  2. The matter in the contract has been destroy, prior to acceptance, through an act of god or a 3rd party
  3. Who owns title and when does title transfer?
  4. Q: Quantity terms
    T: Time for performance term
    I: Interested parties
    P: Price term
    S: Subject matter
  5. A contract that substantially prefers one party over the other

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  1. Mailbox RuleA contract that by its very terms is illegal, depending on the laws of the moment


  2. SubsequentAfter


  3. DelegationsOnly delegable duties are valid, which cannot be personal in nature or too unique in nature


  4. Detrimental RelianceGives rise to whose time for performance is due; look to the terms of the contract for who is to perform and when


  5. BeneficiaryThe 3rd party or person