Native People


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Eastern Woodland Indians

American Indians

Native Peoples
The first people to live in Virginia
Where did American Indians live in Virginia
All areas of the state
Why were early Virginians called "Indians"?
Christopher Columbus called the people he found in the lands he explored "Indians" because he thought he was in the Indies (near China)
Things from the past that tell about how people lived.
Ex-arrowheads, pottery and other tools
Algonquian Language Group
Spoken in the Tidewater region; the Powhatan were an important tribe
Siouan Language Group
Spoken in the Piedmont region; Monacan were part of this group
Inroquoian Language Group
Spoken in southwestern Virginia; the Cherokee were part of this group
What is the climate of Virginia?
mild with 4 seasons
How did native peoples get their food in winter?
Hunted birds and other animals and lived on stored foods from the previous fall.
How did native peoples get their food in spring?
In spring, they hunted, fished and picked berries.
How did native peoples get their food in the fall?
In fall, they harvested crops and hunted for foods to preserve and keep for the winter.
Native people's clothing
animal skins (deerskin)
Native People's Shelter
shelter was made from natural resources around them.
study artifacts left by people from the past to understand how people lived.
large Indian town used by Indian leaders. It was the headquarters of the leader Powhatan in 1607.
first permanent English settlement in North America
Native People Today
Native People live in all parts of Virginia today
Current Tribes
Coastal Plain
- Chickahominy Tribe
-Eastern Chickahominy Tribe
-Mattaponi Trive
-Nansemond Tribe
-Pamunkey Tribe
-Rappahannock Tribe
- Upper Mattaponi Tribe

Piedmont Region
- Monacan Tribe