Regions of Virginia


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State that borders Virginia
West Virginia
State that borders Virginia
State that borders Virginia
North Carolina
State that borders Virginia
State that borders Virginia
Coastal Plain
flat land
near the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay
includes the Eastern Shore
East of the Fall Line
land at the foot of mountains
rolling hills
west of the fall line
Blue Ridge Mountains
old rounded mountains
Part of the Appalachian mountain system
Source of many rivers
Valley and Ridge
Includes the Great Valley of Virginia and other valleys separated by ridges
Appalachian Plateau
located in Southwest Virginia
Only a small part located in Virginia
known for its coal production
area of elevated land that is flat on top
Chesapeake Bay
Provided a safe harbor
was a source of food and transportation
Atlantic Ocean
borders Virginia to the east
Potomac River
-Flows into the Chesapeake Bay
-Alexandria is located along it
Rappahannock River
-Flows into the Chesapeake Bay
-Fredericksburg is located along it
York River
-Flows into the Chesapeake Bay
-York is located along it
James River
-Flows into the Chesapeake Bay
-Jamestown and Richmond is located along it
Fall Line
the natural border between the Coastal Plain and Piedmont regions where waterfalls prevent further travel on the river.
Lake Drummond
- Located in the Coastal Plain region
-Shallow natural lake surrounded by the Dismal Swamp
Dismal Swamp
-Located in the Coastal Plain region
-Variety of wildlife
- George Washington explored and surveyed the Dismal Swamp

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