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State Funeral Service Law, FL

How long does the Doctor/ME have to sign DC on death or fetal death?

72 hours or 3 buisness days

Burial transit permits filed with local registrar may be destroyed after how long?

3 years

All burial-transit which are endorsed shall be returned to local registra where place of final disposition is located within how many days?

10 days

Medical examiner will be called if deceased has not seen physician for how many days before death?

30 days

When should birth of child be cerfified by local registrar?

48 hours after birth

Dissolution of marriage fee

$7 of which $3 is retained by circuit court and $4 remitted to Department of Revenue.

Penalty for knowingly make a false statement in a certificate, record or report?

Felony in 3rd degree

Penalty for intent to decieve, makes, counterfeits, alters, amends, or mutilates and certificate, record or report?

Felony in 3rd degree

Penalty for obtaining, possessing, using, selling or furnishing for deception of certificate, record or report?

Felony in 3rd degree

Any employee of vital records who uses any birth, fetal death, death certificates with intent of deception

Felony in 3rd degree

Anyone without lawful athority, possesses any certificate

felony in 3rd degree

Anyone who certifies death of person and makes a charge for changes

Misdemeanor in 2nd degree

Anyone who knowingly transports, inters or disposes of a dead body without accompanying permit

Misdemeanor in 2nd degree

Money penalty for death or birth certificate violation

$1000 for each violation

Medical Examiners Commison is made up of how many people?

Nine Persons

Who makes up Medical Examiners Comission/

1 FD
1 State Attorney
1 Public Defender
1 Sheriff
1 County Commissioner
1 Attorney General or designated Rep
1 Secretary of Health or designated Rep

How many times do Medical Examiners Comission meet a year?

at least four times a year

How long is the term for each Medical Examiner?

3 years

Who can substitute in the absence of the ME?

State Attorney of the county may appoint a competent Physician

How long do unclaimed bodies wait before County can take on case?

30 days

How long do bodies recieved by anatomical board be retained before being allowed to be used for medical science?

48 hours

Should a body be claimed for anatomical board by a family member do any fees need to be paid?

Yes, expenses incurred in obtaining and handling the body or remains.

How are bodies or remains disposed of after medical or dental science use?


How many members in the Board of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services?

10 Members
9 of whom are appointed by the Govenor from nominations made by the Chief Financial Officer and confirmed by the Senate.

Ho make up the Board of Funeral, Cemetery and consumer Services?

1 State Health Officer or designated Rep
2 Licensed FD's associated with Funeral establishments
1 FD with establishment license, pre-need license and operates a cinerator facility.
2 Cemetery company licensed which is primary occupation
3 Consumers with Florida resisdnces and never been licensed in death care industry
*one consumer should be at least 60 years old
* One consumer must be a CPA
1 Monument Establishment Builder

How long are board members appointed for the Board of Funeral, Cemetery and consumer Services?

4 years

Are members of Board of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services compensated?

$50 for each day of attendence.

Where are the Headquarters of the Board of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services?

City of Tallahassee

Penalty for giving false information?

Felony of 3rd degree

BFCCS civil penalty fee?

no less than $500 and no more that $5,000 for each offense.

Crimes to be disclosed when applying for a license?

Felony and misdemeanor committed within 20 years.

Limited license fee?

not to exceed $300

How long are exam result kept on record?

2 years immediately following the exam

How long do you have to notify BFCCS of cahnge of address or name?

30 days

When can the BFCCS apply provisions to a license?

1.Violation of any rule under the department
2. Commiting fraud, deceit, negligence or misconduct
3. Failing while holding a license to maintain qualifications
4. Refusing to sell or issue a contarct to provide services due to race, color, creed, marital status, or nationality

Unlicensed practice violation fines?

fine of up to $10,000 for each violation

Penalty for unathorized reproduction, circulating, or copying of any questions or answers on prelicense exam administered by the department?

Felony of 3rd degree

Penalty for giving false information?

Felony in 3rd degree

Penalty for willfully obstruction of department?

Misdemeanor in 2nd degree

Penalty for failing to make a required deposit to any trust fund or any unlawful withdrawal of funds?

Felony in 3rd degree

Penalty for any cemetery company which violates departments provisions?

Misdemeanor in 2nd degree

Penalty for anyone licensed who engages in bad activity?

Misdemeanor 2nd degree

Fee for name change and issuance of duplicate license?

up to $100

When should a company or employee not licensed take Communicable Disease course?

Within 10 days after the date that tey became functioning. Course not to exceed 3 hours.

Can you do At-Need soliciation of sales of burial rights, merchandise, or services?

No it is prohibited!

What cemetries are exempted under the departments investigation and mediation procedure due to consumer complaint?

Any cemetry UNDER 5 Acres.

Penalty for any cemetery company which violates and department provisions?

Misdemeanor of 2rd degree

Size of a propsed cemetery must be?

* At least 30 Contiguous acres
* Have a net worth of $50,000

How many years experiance must a general manger have in cemetery management to operate a cemetery?

3 years

How much for each burial right is placed in the Care and maintenance Trust Fund?


How much for mausoleums or columbaria is placed in the Care and maintenance Trust Fund?

10% of payments received

When does construction of a mausoleum or Columbarium start construction?

Within 4 years after the date of sale of the first sale or 50% of the mausoleum or Columbarium have ben sold with purchase price received.

Standard Grave Space?

42 inches in width
96 inches in length

How many inches of interment coverage soil should ther be?

Minimum of12 inches

How long until a burial right in a cemetery is marked as abandoned due to being unable to contact owner?

After a period of 50 consecutive years or more.

Licenses need to renew licenses within?

At least 90 days before end of licensure cycle

How long until a license is valued as inactive after not being renewed?

More than 4 years

How oftendo you need to do the HIV and AIDS Continuing education courses as an FD/Embalmer?

At least every 2 years

What are the requirements for an Embalmer license by emdorsement?

1 year's practice as a licensed Embalmer in another state, and has within 10 years prior to date of application, successfully complete state, regional, or national examination in mortuary science.

How long can one work as an embalmer apprentice?

A period not to exceed 3 years. May be extened to not exceed 5 years is person is enrolled in mortuary of funeral service course.

What may you have to do each time you renew your FD/Embalmer license?

1. Do a continuing education course not to exceed 12 classroom hrs
2. Course in HIV and AIDS.
(not required if licensee is over 75 years)

What should be the size of a funeral establisment?

At least 1, 250 interor sq ft

What should the Funeral establishment be equipt with?

1.Refrigeration for storage of the dead
2. A visitation Chapel of no less than 500 sq ft
3. Preparation room with equiptment
4. Ventilation and drainage
5. One FT FD in charge

When doing a disinterment you need to have?

1. Physical presence of an FD
2. Written authorization from a legally authorized person or court prior to disinerment
3.Everything is conducted in within health and safety

What is NOT considered a disinterment?

The removal of human remains froma designated temporary storage area to a place of permanent burial within a cemetery.

What is the average inspection fee?

not to exceed $300

What needs to filed after disinterment?

FD performing disinterment shall file report, with deceased name and other information.

Licenses of centralized embalming facility

One FT embalmer in charge with actrive license and may NOT be FT embalmer in charge or FT FD incharge, or FT direct disposer incharge.

What should a body refrigeration unit temprature be?

40 degrees fahrenheit or below.

Penalty for any voilation of storage, preservation and transportation of human remains?

Misdemeanor in 1st degree

Adminstrative fine in lieu of revocation or suspension of certificate?

Not to exceed $1,00 for each nonwillful violation and in an amount not to exceed $10,000 for each willful violation

For a Director disposer license you need to?

1. Submit fingerprints
2. Pay fee
3. Course in communicable diseases

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