Ways of the World; Chapter 18 Vocabulary

Alain Estrada, Jacob Ooton
Steam Engine
Provided a limitless source of inanimate power; made machinery faster and more efficient; made railroad and ocean travel faster
Indian Cotton Textiles
Absolutely decimated by the fast production of industrialized Great Britain; it took 500 hours to make the same amount of textiles that it took Great Britain 8 minutes to make
British Royal Society
Est. 1660; Association of Natural Philosophers; responsible for giving Great Britain that unique quality of having a closely connected nobility and merchant class
Middle-Class Values
Believed in private property, free trade, and limited social reform; largely a conservative belief system; Samuel Smile, "Self-Help"; women have distinct roles in the home and family
Lower Middle class
Service sector; included mostly women working jobs like seamstresses
Karl Marx
Political theorist credited for creating the idea of socialism and theorized communism; a result of capitalism
Labour Party
Working class political party specific to Great Britain.
these were the artist class of Europe they were anti-revolution and were attempting to break machines at the factories
Socialism in America
We never see socialism in the United states because we have so many different ways to make our lives. This would have been very hard to bring across in america do to manifest destiny and greed.
The "more successful" reformists of the American industrial revolution; pushed for wage and hour legislation; better sanitation; antitrust laws, and more government intervention.
Russian Revolutions
Continued to be an absolute monarchy through the revolutions, more focused on the military as where others were concerned for industies high growing middle class during industrilization
Latin American Export
Latin American countries became very export oriented after they were politically and socially decimated
Strong military leaders in Latin America that were constantly overthrowing each other
Mexican Revolution
1821-1823; the People of mexico fought for independce from spain and later found themselves free due to napoleon they then become a republic and start there new way of life as an indpendent country
Dependent development
Form of colonialism shown by the Brazilian rubber industry; power derives from foreign investment