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At the heart of a computer is its central processing unit. The CPU's job is:

To fetch instructions, to carry out the operations commanded by the instructions, and to produce some outcome or resultant information.

What does the term hardware refer to?

The physical components that a computer is made of

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) typically consists of:

A debugger, text editor, and compiler

The purpose of a memory address is:

To identify the location of a byte in memo

The computer's main memory is commonly known as


The ________ decodes an instruction and generates electrical signals

Control Unit

_______________ are used to translate each source code instruction into the appropriate machine language instruction.


The beginning of a comment

In a C++ program, two slash marks ( // ) indicate

Preprocessor directive

A statement that starts with a # is called a

Closing brace

For every opening brace in a C++ program, there must be a

cout object

The ______ is/are used to display information on the computer's screen.


_____________ represent storage locations in the computer's memory.


You must have a ___________ for every variable you intend to use in a program


Which one of the following would be an invalid variable name?

single, double

A character literal is enclosed in ________ quotation marks, whereas a string literal is enclosed in ________ quotation marks.

Null terminator '\0'

C++ automatically places a ___________ at the end of each string literal.

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