World Geography Quiz Ch. 13 Sec. 1-2

20 terms by soccergirl326

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capital of Belgium, home to European union, NATO meets here


the second estate, less than 2% population, no tax


highest mt. range in Europe


part of the commoners, part of third estate, 80% population, 50% tax, revolted


part of commoners, lawyers, doctors, mercahants

Central Uplands

small plateaus and valleys in France just above the Alps


a cave in southwest France

Northern European Plain

best farmland in the region


key river in the region

Massif Central

part of the central uplands in central France


less than 1% of population, 10% of land, no tax


land created by dikes


walls built to hold back seawater


one of the world's busiest seaports, in the Netherlands

Sans Culottes

working class, don't wear breeches on pants (symbol)

Mount Blanc

Highest peak in the Alps, 15,771 ft.


north atlantic treaty organization, promote and protect democracy from communist east


1955, Soviet Russia, Poland, Eastern Germany, East and Central Hungary became communist

Impressionism Art

looks better from far away; light to create theme


height and light

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