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  1. elucidate
  2. vacillating
  3. ferocity
  4. conciliate
  5. penitent
  1. a to reconcile, to pacify, to renew a friendship
  2. b savagery
  3. c to make clear, to explain
  4. d showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant
  5. e changing, fluctuating

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  1. arrogant, excessively proud and vain
  2. state of being forgotten
  3. having a reputation of the worst kind, vicious, notoriously bad
  4. desire to harm others
  5. scoffing at, mockery, ridicule

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  1. rancorbitter deep-seated ill will, enmity


  2. ameliorateobsolete, out of fashion, no longer usable


  3. inscrutabledifficult to understand; mysterious


  4. arableopen to or willing to follow advice or suggestion, tractable, malleable


  5. levityabsolute hatred


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