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  1. acrimonious
  2. infallible
  3. oblique
  4. clandestine
  5. paradoxical
  1. a caustic
  2. b secret
  3. c incapable of error
  4. d slanting, indirect, evasive, devious, misleading
  5. e something that appears false or contradictory but is actually correct

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  1. to reconcile, to pacify, to renew a friendship
  2. to thrive, to grow well
  3. incapable of being entered or penetrated, not capable of being damaged
  4. superficial, casual, hastily done
  5. to erase , to wear away

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  1. atrophyfalse testimony under oath


  2. garrulouslacking in seriousness or importance


  3. levityabsolute hatred


  4. cajoledesire to harm others


  5. forbearancefit for plowing, tillable


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