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Expressions with TENER

Keep in mind that TENER means "to have". The following phrases in English are expressed with the verb "to be" plus and adjective. In Spanish, however, they are expressed with the verb "tener" plus a noun. Therefore, the literal translation of "tener sed", for example, is "to have thirst". Still, in an effort to make the connections as fluid as possible, I've decided to use the colloquial translations (to be thirsty), rather than the literal translations (to have thirst) in this Quizlet set.

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tener sed
to be thirsty
tener hambre
to be hungry
tener prisa
to be in a hurry
tener celos
to be jealous
tener la culpa
to be guilty
tener éxito
to be successful
tener presión
to be stressed
tener vergüenza
to be embarrassed
tener razón
to be correct
tener (doce) años
to be (twelve) years old
tener cuidado
to be careful
tener suerte
to be lucky
tener sueño
to be sleepy
tener miedo
to be scared
tener calor
to be hot
tener frío
to be cold
tener que
to have to
tener ganas de
to feel like