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point on a stem where a leaf is attached


region between nodes on plant stems


plant structure containing undeveloped tissue that can produce new stems and leaves

vascular bundle

plant stem structure that contains xylem and phloem tissue


parenchyma cells inside the ring of vascular tissue in dicot stems

primary growth

type of plant growth that occurs at the tips of roots and shoots

secondary growth

pattern of plant growth in which stems increase in width

vascular cambium

lateral meristematic tissue that produces vascular tissues and increases the thickness of the stem over time

cork cambium

lateral meristematic tissue that produces the outer covering of stems


older xylem near the center of a woody stem that no longer conducts water


area in plants that surrounds heartwood and is active in fluid transport


tree structure that includes all tissues outside the vascular cambium, including phloem, the cork cambium, and cork

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