5 stages of mitosis - elementary

A cell gets idea its time to divide. It has to get everything ready--duplicate DNA, get centrioles in right position and prepare cell for division
All the pieces are getting lined up for the big divide. The DNA lines up along central axis. Centrioles send out specialized tubules that connect to DNA. The DNA has condensed to two strands of chromosomes connected at the center with a cenromere The tubules connect to the cenromer not the DNA
The Separation begins. Half of chromosomes are pulled to one side of cell and half to the other side. The the chromosomes get the the side of the cell it goes to next phase.
The division is finishing up. The cell membrane closes in and splits the cell into two pieces. You now have 2 separate cells each with half of the original DNA.
The normal state of the cell. This is the resting state. The cell is getting energy and nutrients to get ready to divide again.