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What was the Mughal Empire?

Empire before the Aryan invasion

Who was the leader of the Mughal Empire? What did he do?

Shah Jahan
Built the Taj Mahal

What was the Taj Mahal?

Tomb for Shah Jahan's beloved wife

What is a Rajah?

Local village chief

What was a regional chief called?


What was the British East India Company?

Trading company that British set up

What product did the British East India Company have a monopoly on?


What is a Sepoy?

The British did not have a sizable army for India, so they used Indians

What was the advantage of a Sepoy?


What were the Sepoys used for?

Maintaining order

What was the Sepoy Rebellion?

Offended Muslim and Hindu religion, with rifles that had beef and pork grease on the end, Sepoys refused to train

What was the rifle called, that started the Sepoy Rebellion?

Lee-Enfield Rifle

What was the end result of the Sepoy Rebellion?

Sepoys had to lick bloodstains off of the murdered European house, or tying them to a cannon and firing

What is Direct Rule? Who was it imposed on?

Complete total control, the British made India and official colony, and had total control over them

What is a viceroy?

Substitute for a King or Queen, directly in charge

What was the Indian National Congress?

Worked with the British Government

What were the goals of the Indian National Congress?

Fight for change, work towards gradual constitution reform

Who were the two main people in charge of the Indian National Congress?

Jinnah and Nehru

What were the India Council Acts?

Allowed Muslim Indians to elect members of Muslim religion to reserved seats in the legislature

What brought on the India Council Acts?

Hindus had majority population, Muslims felt they had a disadvantage

What was the India Government Acts of 1919?

Allowed Indians to have more say in the government, gave more people the power to vote (10% of the population could now vote)

What caused the Amritsar Massacre?

British made a rule saying Indians couldn't assemble in large groups (more than 3), Indians broke the rule

What was the Amritsar Massacre?

General Dyer led troops to Amritsar, fired into mass group, killed hundreds, injured thousands

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