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  1. family reconstitution
  2. environmental refugees
  3. The IPAT formula
  4. chemical farming
  5. agricultural industrialization
  1. a The process of reconstructing individual and family life histories by linking together separately recorded birth, marriage, and death data
  2. b The process whereby the farm has moved from being the center piece of agricultural production to becoming one part of an integrated string of industrial processes such as production, storage, processing etc.
  3. c The application of synthetic fertilizers to the soil and herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides to crops to enhance yields
  4. d Human Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology Factor
    This formula is conceptual, not numerical.
  5. e those who are forced to move to another country or region because their current habitat has become dilapidated.

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  1. Nature is protected very strictly, some recreation and research may be performed on the land, however logging and hunting etc. would be prohibited
  2. 1. Improving the rights, opportunities, and economic status of girls and women as the most effective way of slowing down global population growth2. Rejecting coercive measures, including government sterilization quotas etc.
  3. A system of food production increasingly dependent on an economy and a set of regulatory practices that are global in scope
  4. The gain or loss in the total population of a particular area or region as a direct result of migration
  5. A theory stating that the prevailing forms of illness changed from infectious to degenerative types as the demographic transition occurred

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  1. agrarianReferring to the culture of agricultural communities and the type of tenure system that determines access to land and the kind of cultivation practices employed there


  2. intensive subsistence agricultureUsually found in areas of the world with high populations such as Asia; India and China namely


  3. doubling timeHow long it will take the population of an area to grow to twice its current size


  4. phase 4 (industrial)(demographic transitions model)
    commonly experienced by fully developed countries; slight fluctuations in birth rate, stable population, stable low death rate


  5. The Montreal Protocol(1997)
    Addressed the problems of global climate change and the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere