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  1. pro-natalism
  2. The Rio de Janeiro Summit
  3. gross migration
  4. dependency ratio
  5. refugee
  1. a A comparison between how many non-working seniors and children are dependent on the working-age population
  2. b an attempt to increase the declining birth rates that begin as countries continue to develop; a solution to a decreasing population
  3. c The total number of migrants moving into and out of a place, region, or country
  4. d (1992)
    Seeks development that balances economic development, environmental protection, and equitable development
  5. e People who have fled their homelands because they have a well-founded fear of persecution on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, political belief, or social characteristic.

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  1. An instrument for meeting the goals and objectives of a population policy.
    - family planning programs
    - one child policy
  2. The application of synthetic fertilizers to the soil and herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides to crops to enhance yields
  3. An official government policy designed to affect any or all of several objectives including the size, composition, and distribution of a population
    (mostly aimed at reducing the number of births through a population program)
  4. The difference between the crude death and birth rates of a population
  5. (1987)
    A major recognition of the fact that environmental problems can be global in scale. This protocol was established because of the massive hole within the ozone layer caused by CFCs.

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  1. forced migrationThe movement by an individual against his or her will (based on push factors)


  2. mechanizationA population movement caused by the degradation of land and essential natural resources as a result of climate change
    - Floods, sea level rises, famine, drought, infestation


  3. age-sex pyramidA representation of the population based on its composition according to age and sex


  4. The Rio de Janeiro Summit(1992)
    "Meeting the needs of present times without interfering with future generations' abilities to meet their needs"


  5. vital recordsAgents of disease transmission