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  1. vectors
  2. vital records
  3. intensive subsistence agriculture
  4. life expectancy
  1. a Usually found in areas of the world with high populations such as Asia; India and China namely
  2. b Information about births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and the incidences of certain infectious diseases
  3. c The average number of years an individual can expect to live when they are born
  4. d Agents of disease transmission

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  1. (demographic transitions model)
    steady decrease in birth rate, stable increase in overall population and very low death rate
  2. (1992)
    World leaders got together to talk about pervasive environmental problems - this protocol marked massive awareness of sustainable development around the world
  3. A long-distance move to a new location
  4. The proportion of a cohort or group that becomes involved in a specific activity, such as attending an education institution
  5. An instrument for meeting the goals and objectives of a population policy.
    - family planning programs
    - one child policy

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  1. epidemiological transitionA theory stating that the prevailing forms of illness changed from infectious to degenerative types as the demographic transition occurred


  2. population policyAn official government policy designed to affect any or all of several objectives including the size, composition, and distribution of a population
    (mostly aimed at reducing the number of births through a population program)


  3. environmental refugeesthose who are forced to move to another country or region because their current habitat has become dilapidated.


  4. social natureForces of attraction that influence migrants to move to a particular location
    - Economic growth, job opportunities, location, health care benefits


  5. The Kyoto Protocol(1997)
    Addressed the problems of global climate change and the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere


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