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  1. age-sex pyramid
  2. medical geography
  3. The Kyoto Protocol
  4. environmental refugees
  5. conservation
  1. a About trying to keep nature the same, and preventing change. Using and managing an area in a sustainable way
  2. b those who are forced to move to another country or region because their current habitat has become dilapidated.
  3. c The part of geography that considers patterns of health and the spread of disease
  4. d (1997)
    Addressed the problems of global climate change and the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
  5. e A representation of the population based on its composition according to age and sex

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  1. farmers aim to maintain soil fertility by rotating the fields within which cultivation occurs
    - can only support areas with low population densities
  2. Involves the breeding and herding of animals to satisfy the human needs of food, shelter, and clothing
    (usually practised in cold, dry climates)
  3. 1. Improving the rights, opportunities, and economic status of girls and women as the most effective way of slowing down global population growth2. Rejecting coercive measures, including government sterilization quotas etc.
  4. The proportion of a cohort or group that becomes involved in a specific activity, such as attending an education institution
  5. The childbearing performance of individuals, couples, groups, or populations

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  1. peak oilwe have reached the absolute maximum of oil that we can produce, and from here on out the amount will only continue to decrease; this leads to economic and lifestyle complications


  2. population programAn official government policy designed to affect any or all of several objectives including the size, composition, and distribution of a population
    (mostly aimed at reducing the number of births through a population program)


  3. eco-migrationA long-distance move to a new location


  4. The Montreal Protocol(1987)
    A major recognition of the fact that environmental problems can be global in scale. This protocol was established because of the massive hole within the ozone layer caused by CFCs.


  5. family reconstitutionThe replacement of human farm labor with machines


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