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didelphis virginiana

smoky shrew

sorex fumeus

masked shrew

sorex cinereus

water shrew

sorex palustris

short-tailed shrew

blarina brevicauda

southern flying squirrel

glaucomys volans

house mouse

mus musculus

meadow jumping mouse

zapus hudsonicus

woodland vole

microtus pinetorum

deer mouse

peromyscus maniculatus

rock vole

microtus chrotorrhinus


ondatra zibethicus

norway rat

rattus norvegicus

black rat

rattus rattus

eastern chipmunk

tamias striatus

gray squirrel

sciurus carolinensis

red squirrel

tamiasciurus hudsonicus

star-nosed mole

condylura cristata

woodland jumping mouse

napaeozapus insignis

meadow vole

microtus pennsylvanicus

hairy-tailed mole

parascalops breweri


marmota monax

white footed mouse

peromyscus leucopus

american beaver

castor canadensis


erethizon dorsatum

southern bog lemming

synaptomys cooperi

big brown bat

eptesicus fuscus

eastern red bat

lasiurus borealis

hoary bat

lasiurus cinereus

little brown bat

myotis lucifugus

northern long-eared bat

myotis evotis

eastern pipistrelle

pipistrellus subflavus

pilot whale


harbor porpoise

phocoena phocoena

common dolphin

delphinus delphis

humpback whale

megaptera noraeangliae

minke whale

balaenoptera acutorostrata

white-tailed deer

odocoileus virginianus


alces alces


cervus canadensis


bos taurus


ovis aries

eastern cottontail

sylvilagus floridanus

new england cottontail

sylvilagus transitionalis

snowshoe hare

lepus americanus


lynx rufus


lynx canadensis

black bear

ursus americanus


procyon lotor

harbor seal

phoca vitulina

river otter

lutra canadensis

pine martin

martes americana


martes pennanti


mustela vison

short-tailed weasel

mustela erminea

long-tailed weasel

mustela frenata

striped skunk

mephitis mephitis

red fox

vulpes vulpes


canis latrans

gray fox

urocyon cinereoargenteus

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