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SOL 2.

Flash cards for SOL 2 on the list of things to know for the state test.
Early European exploration
Caused a redistribution of the population since millions of both voluntary and involuntary colonists relocated to North America.
Early European exploration & colonization
Initiated trade between America and Britain, thus causing worldwide commercial expansion. It also sparked the idea of representative government and religious tolerance. Both ideas were adopted in other parts of the world, too, because of this.
New England colonies
Puritans who wanted religious freedom. Formed a "covenant community" based off the Mayflower Compact. Often intolerant of other religions. First use of town meetings.
Middle colonies
Primarily settled by English, Dutch, and German-speaking immigrants seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity.
Southern colonies
Settled by Cavaliers, English nobility who received large land grants from the Royals in England, who were looking for economic opportunity. Poor English immigrants also sought better lives as small-scale farmers or artisans. Some came as indentured servants.
First permanent English settlement in North America. Established in 1607.
Virginia House of Burgesses
First elected assembly. Known today as General Assembly.
Violent conflicts
Primary relationship between the English in the American colonies and Spanish in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.
Generally more cooperative
Relationship between French and Indians.
Not as many French immigrants and no large-scale farming
Reason(s) for better relationship between French and Indians.
The growth of an agricultural economy based on large landholdings in the Southern colonies and in the Caribbean led to the introduction of _______ in the New World.