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  1. brand development index (BDI)
  2. audience
  3. continuity
  4. category development index (CDI)
  5. rating
  1. a the duration of an advertising message or campaign over a given period of time
  2. b indicates the sales potential of a particular brand in a specific market area
  3. c the percentage of homes (or individuals) exposed to an advertising medium
  4. d total number of people or households exposed to a medium
  5. e determines the potential of the whole product category

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  1. total effect is greater than the sum of its parts
  2. count and verify the number of subscribers
  3. defines where, when, and how often advertising should appear
  4. another term for possible exposure of the advertising message to one audience member
  5. defines the specific types of people the advertiser wants to reach

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  1. cost efficiencythe cost of exposing the message to the target audience rather than to the total circulation


  2. effective frequencymeasures the number or percentage of the audience who receive enough exposures to truly receive the message


  3. cost per thousand (CPM)you find this by dividing the cost by the rating points


  4. gross impressionspotential exposures possible in that medium


  5. recency planningto conceive, analyze, and select channels of communication that will direct advertising messages to the right people, in the right place, at the right time