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  1. creative mix
  2. attention value
  3. brand development index (BDI)
  4. category development index (CDI)
  5. circulation
  1. a count and verify the number of subscribers
  2. b concerns the advertising message and copy, as well as the medium
  3. c indicates the sales potential of a particular brand in a specific market area
  4. d the product concept, target audience, advertising message, and communications media
  5. e determines the potential of the whole product category

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  1. possible exposure of the advertising message to one audience member
  2. the overall strategy of selecting and scheduling media vehicles to achieve the desired message weight, reach, frequency, and continuity objectives
  3. advertising runs steadily and varies little oner the campaign period
  4. alternates periods of advertising with periods of no advertising
  5. particular magazines or shows- according to how well they "deliver" or expose the message to the media audience that most closely resembles the desired target consumer

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  1. gross impressionspotential exposures possible in that medium


  2. reachincludes all communications vehicles available to a marketer. radio, tv, magazines, outdoor, online, etc.


  3. synergytotal effect is greater than the sum of its parts


  4. effective frequencythe average number of times a person must see or hear a message before it becomes effective


  5. cost per point (CPP)common term used in media planning and buying