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  1. flighting
  2. rating
  3. continuity
  4. media planning
  5. category development index (CDI)
  1. a determines the potential of the whole product category
  2. b the duration of an advertising message or campaign over a given period of time
  3. c alternates periods of advertising with periods of no advertising
  4. d the percentage of homes (or individuals) exposed to an advertising medium
  5. e to conceive, analyze, and select channels of communication that will direct advertising messages to the right people, in the right place, at the right time

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  1. one way to stretch a slim budget, floods airways all at once for a short amount of time
  2. indicates the sales potential of a particular brand in a specific market area
  3. total number of people or households exposed to a medium
  4. count and verify the number of subscribers
  5. mixes continuous and flighting strategies. as the consumers purchasing cycle gets longer, this becomes more appropriate

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  1. gross rating points (GRP)you find this by dividing the cost by the rating points


  2. moneysecond M of the 5 M's, deals with how much to budget and where to allocate it


  3. five M'smarkets, money, media, mechanics, and methodology


  4. reachtotal number of different households or people exposed at least once to an ad or campaign during a given time period (usually four weeks).


  5. advertising impressionpotential exposures possible in that medium