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  1. continuous schedule
  2. mixed-media approach
  3. rating
  4. blinking
  5. effective reach
  1. a measures the number or percentage of the audience who receive enough exposures to truly receive the message
  2. b one way to stretch a slim budget, floods airways all at once for a short amount of time
  3. c a combination of media
  4. d advertising runs steadily and varies little oner the campaign period
  5. e the percentage of homes (or individuals) exposed to an advertising medium

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  1. the cost of exposing the message to the target audience rather than to the total circulation
  2. reach x frequency
  3. common term used in media planning and buying
  4. variety of ways an advertisement can be presented
  5. defines where, when, and how often advertising should appear

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  1. category development index (CDI)determines the potential of the whole product category


  2. television households (TVHH)households with tv sets


  3. spillover mediathe product concept, target audience, advertising message, and communications media


  4. opportunity to see (OTS)another term for possible exposure of the advertising message to one audience member


  5. advertising impressionpossible exposure of the advertising message to one audience member