Chapter 8

13 terms by D3rpl3ton

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Chapter 8 Leary


Large intercentrum and small pleurocentrum paired up.


Equal contributions of intercentrum and pleurocentrum,


Centrum is composed of a single unit derived from the intercentrum.

Aspidospondylous condition

Rhachitomous, embolomerous, and/or stereospondylous


Centrum is composed almost entirely of the Pleurocentrum and is spool-shaped with a central canal perforated by the notochord.




flat centra


concave centra


concave anterior, convex posterior


convex anterior and concave posterior


both ends saddle shaped

Acoelous and Amphicoelous

withstand compression but restrict movement

Procoelous, Opisthocoelous, and Heterocoelous

greater range of motion. (Hetero- has the most)

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