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To Kill a Mockingbird - characters


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Whose real name is Jean Louise Finch?
Who cried over the guilty verdict?
Who was also known as "Ol' One Shot"?
Who takes Scout and Jem to her church?
Miss Maudie
Who lost her home to a fire?
Aunt Alexandra
Who disapproved of the way Scout was being raised?
Uncle Jack
Who punished Scout for cursing?
Who is Scout's fiancé?
Boo Radley
Who saved Scout and Jem from the attack?
Nathan Radley
Who is Arthur Radley's brother?
Miss Stephanie
Who is the nosy gossipy neighbor?
Walter Cunningham, Jr.
Who poured syrup all over his food?
Tom Robinson
Who has a crippled arm from a cotton gin accident?
Miss Caroline
Who is Scout's first grade teacher?
Link Deas
Who gave Helen Robinson a job?
Mayella Ewell
Who lied about being raped?
Mrs. Dubose
Who was a morphine addict?
Dolphus Raymond
Who pretends to be drunk, but really drinks Coke?
Bob Ewell
Who writes left-handed?
Heck Tate
Who is the Sheriff of Maycomb?