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If you were to ask 10-year-old Stephen "Who knows you best?" which of the following would likely be his answer?

I know myself better than anyone

The key word in the definition of bullying is:


Alisha's family was experiencing multiple problems, including her mother's illness, her father's loss of employment, and two relatives having moved into their home. Through the stress, her grades remained high and her study skills good. Most likely, Alisha was:

using school achievement as an escape from the stress of home.

The most dramatic nationwide effort to reduce bullying is in


The bully who has been a victim of bullying himself is called a


A child who feels responsible for whatever happens in the family, whether negative or positive, is experiencing:


Lawrence Kohlberg built on the theory of ______ in his description of the stages of moral development.

Jean Piaget

The statement that best reflects moral reasoning at the preconventional level is:

"I am careful not to get caught."

Which of the following best explains why children who come from violent homes have few close friends and are lonely?

The children don't learn the skills necessary to sustain close relationships

Social cognition refers to:

the ability to understand social interactions

By the age of 10, which of the following is true regarding friendships?

Both boys and girls want to have best friends

Parents' beliefs that they mold their children's personalities may be diminished by the finding that:

most of the environmental effects on personality may be from the "nonshared" environment.

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