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  1. contraction of external intercostals causes __________. posterior end of rib is _______ than its anterior end. sternum is pushed _________. a rib together with its costal cartilage is called a ________
  2. filters, warms, and moistens air as it passes thru cavity
  3. middle of a costal arch is _______ than its ends, rib elevation causes costal arch to move _______
  4. nares function
  5. secrete pleural fluid
  1. a pleurae function
  2. b rib elevation, higher, forward, costal arch
  3. c air passageway
  4. d lower, laterally
  5. e nasal cavity

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  1. twelve
  2. of the mouth
  3. of the nose
  4. near the ear
  5. voice

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  1. to carry foodesophagus


  2. falciformsickle-shaped


  3. air passageways (5)larynx


  4. plicaa fold


  5. appendixto hang upon