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  1. T or F: secondary bronchi are found outside lungs
  2. moves during swallowing preventing food and fluids from entering nasopharynx
  3. cricoid
  4. quadrat
  5. pylor
  1. a gatekeeper
  2. b a ring
  3. c squared
  4. d soft palate
  5. e false

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  1. of the mouth
  2. rib elevation, higher, forward, costal arch
  3. larynx
  4. sickle-shaped
  5. a ring

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  1. vocalisvoice


  2. nasalisof the nose


  3. middle of a costal arch is _______ than its ends, rib elevation causes costal arch to move _______nasal cavity


  4. its movements prevent food and fluids entering larynx during swallowingepiglottis


  5. plicaa fold