20 terms

Verbs that begin with H-P

hace trampas
s/he cheats
imprima su trabajo
s/he prints his/her work
te juro que
I swear to you that
se lastima
s/he hurts himself/herself
llena la forma
s/he fills out the form
se maquilla
she puts on make-up
mancha su vestido
she stains her dress
me manda un correo electrónico
s/he sends me an email
lo mata
s/he kills it
se muda a otra cassa
s/he moves to another house
le muestra
s/he shows him/her
nació hace tres años
s/he was born 3 years ago
los obedezco
I obey them
te odio
I hate you
me oye
s/he hears me
me parece fácil
it seems easy to me
ella se parece a su madre
she looks like her mother
le pertenece
it belongs to him/her
le presta un lápiz
s/he lends him/her a pencil
te lo prometo
I promise you (it)