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hace trampas

s/he cheats

imprima su trabajo

s/he prints his/her work

te juro que

I swear to you that

se lastima

s/he hurts himself/herself

llena la forma

s/he fills out the form

se maquilla

she puts on make-up

mancha su vestido

she stains her dress

me manda un correo electrónico

s/he sends me an email

lo mata

s/he kills it

se muda a otra cassa

s/he moves to another house

le muestra

s/he shows him/her

nació hace tres años

s/he was born 3 years ago

los obedezco

I obey them

te odio

I hate you

me oye

s/he hears me

me parece fácil

it seems easy to me

ella se parece a su madre

she looks like her mother

le pertenece

it belongs to him/her

le presta un lápiz

s/he lends him/her a pencil

te lo prometo

I promise you (it)

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