Chinese 2 Chapter 8

31 terms by jvanderveur15

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剛好 gānghǎo

just, happen to

出去 chūqu

to go out

帶。。。去 dài.... qù

to take... to

放館 fàngguǎn


后 hòu

teach, back

留 liú

to leave (a note)

因為 yīnwèi


回家 huíjiā

to go home

所以 suǒyǐ


邀請 yāoqǐng

to invite

常常 chángchang


尤其 yóuqí


平常 píngcháng


有時候 yǒushíhou


改天 gǎitiān

some other day

點菜 diǎncài

to order food

菜單 càidān


盤 pán


碗 wǎn


湯 tāng


米飯 mǐfàn

plain rice

還是 háishi


炒飯 chǎofàn

fried rice

客人 kèrén


多 duō

more, a lot

結賬 jiézhàng

to settle an account

隨便 坐 suíbiàn zuò

sit anywhere

自己 來 zìjí lái

to help oneself

不 客氣 bú kéqi

you are welcome

添 tiān

to add

報 bǎo

to be full

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