Anatomy Chapter 6 Quiz B

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UpwardsWhich way do the arms move in abduction?Downwards (opposite of add)Which way do the arms move in adduction?Rotating them in a circular directionWhat is circumduction in relation to your hands?Prime moverMuscle with the major responsibility forma certain movementAntagonistMuscle that opposes or reversed a prime moverSynergistMuscle that aids a prime mover in a movement and helps prevent rotationFixatorStabilizes the origin of a prime moverSlow twitch muscle fiberUsed for repetitive movements; recruited first in any activityMitochondira; oxygenWhat are slow twitch muscle fibers dense with? What do they use for energy?Slow twitch; fast twitchWhich type of muscle fiber is used for aerobic (w/ O2) exercise? Anaerobic?Fast twitch muscle fibersUsed for quick explosive movements; recruited second in any activity; low in mitochondriaInvoluntaryA muscle that mives without conscious control (ex: smooth and cardiac)VoluntaryA muscle that moves with conscious control (ex: skeletal)CardiacStriated muscle of the heartOriginPoint of attachment for a muscleInsertionPoint of attachment of a skeletal muscle to a boneAtrophyDecrease in sizeHypertrophyIncrease in size