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the dense metallic center of the earth


a plastic or flowing layer within the earths core


the brittle rocky outer layer of the earth


ther outer part of the earths magnetic field


the thick middle layer in the solid part of earth


a specific type of metal


an act of nothing or occurence


the rigid layer of earth that includes the crust and the upper most mantel

two methods

mines and wells,earthquake waves

temp of geosphere

temp increases pressure increases


less dense and much thinner than others has no water,granite,brittle,rocky


made of dense,rocks,iron magnisium under water

rock cycle

An idealized cycle of processes undergone by rocks in the earth's crust


Heat transfer in a gas or liquid by the circulation of currents from one region to another. b. Fluid motion caused by an external force such as gravity

therory of continental drift

Continental drift is the movement of the Earth's continents relative to each other


a hypthetical super content that included all the land masses of Earth before the triassic.

alfred wegener

a German scientist, a geophysicist, and a meteorolotist.

seafloor spreading

occurs at mid-ocean ridges, where new oceanic crust is form through volcanic activity, and then moves away

mid-ocean ridge

a series of mountain ranges on the ocean floor.


a narrow fissure in rock


an opening that allows air, gas, or liquid out or into a confinded space.

theory of plate tectonics

the theory of Earth's outter layer is made up of plates witch have moved through out Earth's history

convergent boundary

they push together and cause mountains.

divergent boundary

places where plates are coming apart

transform boundary

is where two plates slide against each other in a side ways motion

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